THE Euro Weekly News is the leading expat newspaper in Spain, delivering up-to-date news from Spain and around the world as well as opinion pieces, information and events, businesses in your area and all-important help for expats who now call Spain their home.

Established over 23 years ago by Steven and Michel Euesden, the Euro Weekly News has become a staple for expats in Spain who are looking for help, advice or information in their area as well as ever-changing rules and regulations in Spain regarding Brexit, travel, residency, driving licenses and setting up a new life in the sun.

With distribution points in the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Alicante, Axarquia and Mallorca, it´s no surprise that the Euro Weekly News has around half a million print readers each week and 1.5 million online readers a month. Not only this, all of the print and online content provided by the EWN always has been and always will be free of charge.

The Euro Weekly News has won numerous awards over the last 25 years including Best Free Newspaper of the Year (Premios AEEPP), Company of the Year (Costa del Sol Business Awards) and Collaboration with Foreigners honours (Mijas Town Hall), proving its dedication and importance in the British expat community.

Following Brexit and the never-ending implications this has had on those planning on moving to Spain and on those who already live here, the Euro Weekly News felt it was their duty to help fellow expats with the steps they needed to take to become a resident, obtain their TIE card, explain the visa options available, driving licence swapping and queries, the ongoing problems with the Blue Badge and advice on purchasing or selling a home. Being expats themselves and owning a company that employs many expats, Steven and Michel Euesden are continually helping British expats by informing them with up-to-date and trusted information.

It´s no surprise that the Brexit fallout and the global health pandemic has had a hugely detrimental effect on tourism and travel in Spain, with many airlines cancelling planes last minute, changing the goalposts on documentation travellers needed to enter Spain and reports of people being turned around at the airport. The Euro Weekly News staff, along with Steven and Michel, was on the pulse throughout these times, which has thankfully now subsided, constantly and consistently reporting on issues and challenges, interviewing people involved, requesting information and quotes from airlines such as Ryanair, reporting on cancelled flights, and making sure travellers, second-homeowners and expats had as much knowledge as possible.

Many people travelling to Spain do so for a holiday, however, there are thousands of residents and second-home owners who now need to be clued up on visas, residency, the amount of time they can spend in Spain and documents needed. Common questions like “Is there a way I can spend more than 90 days in Spain?”, “What type of visa do I get to retire in Spain?” and “Do I need to swap my Green Card for a TIE?” were, and still are, common questions that many people turned to the Euro Weekly News for advice on. So, the Euro Weekly News continued to stay ahead of the curve as well as help fellow expats by creating guides on these questions, addressing them in print and online and even answering questions via Facebook comments and messages.

The myriad of questions and concerns over residency issues, how to apply, how to make an appointment – particularly during the pandemic – how to get the best gestor to help and all of the documents needed have been at the forefront of many people´s minds since the UK left the EU. Because of this, the EWN has been actively finding the most up-to-date and reliable information for its readers, including guides on how to obtain a non-lucrative visa and a routes to residency guide for those looking to protect their rights in Spain.

Stemming from this is healthcare in Spain. Residency here and healthcare go hand in hand, so, the EWN made sure to cover this topic too. “Do I get healthcare through the Spanish Health System?”, “How do I apply to the Spanish Health System?”, “What is an S1 form and how much does private healthcare actually cost?” are all questions that many confused expats were asking. Not to mention the rules in Spain when you have Covid, how to purchase antigen tests and how much they cost.

The Euro Weekly News has also been championing a campaign for those in Spain who are entitled to a Blue Badge for disabled parking ´My Blue Badge = My Freedom´. The EWN spoke with readers who have been affected by the issues with the Blue Badge and also spoke with the Spanish Embassy in order to gain more clarity on this to then inform readers. This is being updated online and in print whenever new information or news is being released.

For those expats who are looking at selling up and moving locations or moving back to the UK, the Euro Weekly News has been providing unrivalled guides about the best estate agents in the area to help, the costs and documents needed, legalities, and even tips on the best ways to present your property for sale.

So, whether you are coming, going, or here in Spain to stay, the Euro Weekly News – headed by Steven Euesden and Michel Euesden – provides British expats with all of the latest and reliable information and advice – and has done for nearly a quarter of a century.