Steven Euesden meets Stirling Moss

Steven Euesden, Monaco Grand Prix 2014

EWN’s Sales Director Steven Euesden was delighted to attend this year’s Historic Monaco Grand Prix – and indescribably proud to meet F1 legend Sir Stirling Moss. The Historic Monaco Grand Prix, which has taken place since 1997, is staged two weeks before the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco. The Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM) organised event takes place every two years on the same challenging circuit as the F1 GP race but there’s one major difference – rather than top-of-the-range…

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Mission Accomplished

You may have wondered why you had not heard from The Euesdens for a couple of weeks  – well the reason is we have been on the road – en masse to the South of France. It is, let me tell you, no easy feat travelling 1800 kms with 4 dogs in tow. I feel more like Billy Smart and his Flying Circus. We had to prepare our house for guests prior to leaving –  no easy task I promise you…

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Let sleeping dogs lie

As most people who know us are aware Tuesday and Wednesday nights are the most fraught of the week in the Euesden household. These are the times that we send all of our five publications to the printers and really should not be called deadline times but more aptly named on our part at least brain-dead times. We seem to sit at these computers for endless hours – what did we do before laptops where invented? – drinking copious pots…

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The Euesden sign of summer

Most people have something which signifies to them that summer is well and truly here; it could be the lighter nights, the swifts and swallows feverishly hunting for suitable nesting spots. Whatever it is, everyone has something. Well here at Casa Euesden it is the unveiling of the Harley – yes that’s right – the Queen of Bling is a closet Biker’s Babe. On Saturday morning the day dawned glorious and Mr E. sprang from the bed (slight exaggeration) leapt downstairs to…

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Grandad’s chicken soup

Why do some smells evoke such strong vivid memories? We at Casa Euesden today ate chicken salad for lunch – a good part of our staple diet due to its ease especially at quarter end and also for its low calorific value. However we enjoy the next meal that we make even more – Grandad’s soup, made from the chicken carcass. .My Grandparents were as poor as church mice – we may not have had money for the “leccy meter” however…

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Another day – another dollar

Well as another day draws to a close in The Euesden household I take my coffee and four beautiful furry friends outside to enjoy a well deserved break on the terrace. Expecting at this time of the year to see a stunning  sunset with a gentle breeze wafting around my not so bronzed barefeet, I am suddenly transported back to a dark  dreary March night in Rochdale – it’s freezing out there! The wind is howling – the mist has covered…

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Getting to grips with technology

Well I cannot believe it and you will probably will not either. This is my FIRST EVER blog – yippeee! I, Michel Euesden, must be the last person in civilisation as we know it who has never blogged. I have BEEN blogged (that’s another story) but I on my own have never ever done it. I am in the words of Madonna – A Virgin – I am a complete novice. Or should I say – I was? Will write…

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