About The Euesdens

The Euesdens exploded onto the Costas around 18 years ago. Since then they have earned a reputation for straight-talking and holding black-and-white views on life, business and people. This has landed them in hot water in the past and they would be the first to agree that it will do so in the future.

Controversy apart, Michel and Steven and the Euro Weekly News are heavily involved with charities throughout Spain. Their only requirement is complete transparency regarding the funds raised.

They are aware that this money comes from people residing on Spain’s coasts, an area significantly affected by the current economic crisis. It is therefore doubly important that their generosity is put to good use for the sole benefit of the charity and never abused by excessive expense claims.

Michel Euesden

Apart from the birth of my son, the two best things that have ever happened in my life arrived nine years apart. The first was on April 22 in 1996, the day when I met the man who was to change my entire existence. He made me feel complete for the first time in my life and I knew that the final, elusive piece that I didn’t know was missing had at last been added to the jigsaw.
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Steven Euesden

My name is Steven (with a “v” despite well-meaning people who want to give me a “ph”) Edward Euesden and I was born in Kent in the Sixties. Regrettably this was not early enough to remember the 1966 World Cup firsthand and unless the England squad get their act together I predict that however long I may live, I shall not be around to see them do it a second time.
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