Michel Euesden

Apart from the birth of my son, the two best things that have ever happened in my life arrived nine years apart. The first was on April 22 in 1996, the day when I met the man who was to change my entire existence. He made me feel complete for the first time in my life and I knew that the final, elusive piece that I didn’t know was missing had at last been added to the jigsaw.

That was when I saw the whole picture for the first time and 11 years later my love for Mr. E. just grows deeper day by day. We work, live and sleep together 24/7 every day of our lives and we still love, laugh and respect each other and never tire of our own company. We’re as sociable as they come but all we really need is love and each other.

The other major influence in my life occurred on June 1 2005. This was the day when I allowed God back into my life. I allowed Him to take control and today I enjoy an inner peace that for years I had been denied and searched for in vain.

I have finally learnt – and I am trying to teach this same lesson to my son – to love myself. No matter what the world says about you, if you are true to your inner self you can face yourself in the mirror and you can sleep at night. When everything that you do is carried out with goodness in your heart, there is nothing more that can be asked of you.

Michel Euesden

Age: Let’s think: umm… I was born in 1960 something, which (I was never good at maths) I believe makes me a mere 29.

Place of birth: I couldn’t be prouder of my Northern roots and I’m happy to proclaim that I come from Rochdale, also the birthplace of the incomparable Gracie Fields.

Marital status: Blissfully happy with my fantastic soulmate, Mr. E, the best and most desirable husband a woman could wish for.

Children: One son, the quirky, unique and adorable Benjamin George, my baby who is no longer a baby, and his adorable family; yes that’s right, I am a proud grandmother of three. It’s never necessary for a mother to spell out just how much she loves her child, but why is it impossible to stop any of us from doing so when given the least opportunity? So I’m spelling that out right now: Ben, I love you.

Professional details: Newspaper proprietor. The greatest thing that my parents ever gave me was a strong work ethic and I grew up knowing that there is no substitute for hard work. That must be due to being a Northern girl and having learnt the hard way all those times when I was shovelling coal in for my grandparents! It must also have something to do with being a Thursday’s child who works hard for a living. Never was a truer word said in my case because I been a grafter all my life and know full well that I shall have to be a grafter in the future, too.

That work ethic means I regularly take people by surprise because there’s steeliness under my jovial, jokey exterior. That’s understandable because you can’t be one half of a partnership that summons up a thriving company from little more than thin air unless you’re tough and resilient. But under all that, there’s a soft centre of comforting marshmallow. I can’t, won’t and don’t suffer fools gladly although I’ll shower compassion on anything or anyone showing signs of vulnerability, whether it’s a defenceless human or a stray dog. Talking of which, we have three wonderful dogs: Dennis the Shih Tzu, Doris the Bijon Frisse with attitude and Percy Mouse a Miniature Pomeranian who proves without doubt that size does not matter; the most determined will always win and he does.

Current ambition: To see the EuroWeekly News and EWN Media reach the heights that I have perceived they could attain for nearly twenty years.

Principal qualities: That’s for others to say but I hope they mention the guts and grit I apply to everything I embark on, the passion I have for my work and loved ones and the compassion I feel for all who cross my path even when it is not reciprocated. And I wouldn’t want them to omit my fondness for the colour pink.

Principal asset: My team of loyal wonderful people who contribute to the unstoppable success of The EuroWeekly News. They are simply the best, every single one of them.

Motto: “We Will” and “Passion”.

The EuroWeekly News is not a job for me; it is a way of life. I do not have workers; I extend my family.

My clients invest in us every time they place a campaign and I take that seriously – today they have to see R.O.I. and that is what we ensure we deliver.

RESPECT is a huge word, a huge part of our lives – we try to practice it in everything we do – in business, socially, economically and mutually but most of all we try to ensure that everyone retains including their selves – self respect.

EQUALITY is paramount, again both commercially and socially no one is better or higher than another. Perhaps being working class ensures we are not elitist but nor do we exclude any group or type of persons barring extremists and bigots.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland

Last word: Some people are born to greatness. Some have it thrust on them. And some like Mr. E. and I throw common sense out of the window and choose of their own free will to go into the communication business. And love every minute of it!

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