Distribution increased to more than 100,000 every week

YES, it is true. EWN Media Group is pleased to announce that as of this edition they have increased their distribution to a staggering 103,000 weekly copies. This decision comes at a time when expatriates need to be more informed than ever before, and when advertisers need to reach even more people.

Times are tough, but it is when times are tough that companies like EWN need to stiffen their resolve and commit to bringing the service they provide to YOU, the reader. EWN publishers Michel and Steven Euesden said: “We want to thank all of the highly professional, competent staff for their unfailing efforts, going at all times above the call of duty, recognising that at all times, the client is king. We also want to thank the distributors, without whom it would not be possible to get it out there; and, of course, the printers for supporting our aggressive stance.” The decision to increase numbers did not come easily to Michel and Steven: “The Euro Weekly News has grown with its clients and their businesses, but what is now happening up and down the Spanish coasts has never been seen before.

“These are unprecedented times but we believe that the infrastructure of expatriate life is now a solid and strong one and to this end we want to support our loyal clients who have looked after us from the beginning.

“We have competitors who are producing bi-weekly free sheets with a print run of only 10,000 per month in the Almeria region. Why? Because it is cheap – but always remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. If they are giving you big size adverts for little or no cost – they are not giving you the copies – therefore the response rate will be ineffective.This is not so with the Euro Weekly News, we are giving you the numbers, we will get you the results, FACT. The truth of the matter is that we are four times bigger, four times more effective, but not four times more expensive.”

The EWN is unrivalled, with 40,000 copies destined for Torrevieja and the Costa Blanca, and another 40,000 distributed on the Costa del Sol. It would be impossible to get a leaflet printed for the price of an advert in the Euro Weekly News with its unbeatable circulation figures and readership. In Torrevieja there are advertising mediums with hugely inflated distribution numbers, and on the Costa del Sol there are publications popping up all the time, making ludicrous claims about their distribution numbers and even sillier ones about why you cannot find them: “dog eats bundles of free papers”. Their claims are as ridiculous as their print figures. WE do none of this. We are a free newspaper giving you facts. We are not diversifying like others, we are strengthening our foothold and concentrating on what we do best. Our advertisers need our help – people need to know they are there and because of the climate their marketing budgets have been restricted.

That is why we are here, to help with effective, and affordable marketing strategies.

You only need one printed medium: the biggest and the best – US – the EWN. Leave it to the professionals!

Continued from front page – “It was OK in the boom times to give money to magazines and newspapers because you liked the local contact – regardless of the results. Now it is about survival. All marketing has to be monitored and that is where we win hands down – do not fall prey to false economy – it has to produce results.” Steven says.

“We need to expand now because this is a time that the service we provide is most needed by expatriates, whether they be pensioners or business owners,” she explains. “We have got to reach out to our community; we need to herald their causes; we need to demand solutions to their problems. We have a powerful platform to fight the expatriate corner, and with increased numbers like these, when we raise a concern by our readers, the powers-that-be will have no option but to act.

“Make no mistake, while EWN makes no bones about this being a business decision, and not being motivated by social benevolence, the direct and indirect positive message it sends out to those who need to hear some good news, and see some light at the end of the tunnel could not have come at a better time. This is not revolution, but evolution,” Michel adds.

Many readers have written in, called and sent the EWN emails to congratulate them for being the voice of the expatriate. Numerous letters start with ‘Please help us’ or ‘At last a newspaper that exposes…’ as EWN Managing Director Michel Euesden has to maintain a delicate balance between fighting for what she believes is right and between objective neutral reporting of news. “I think we have got it just right,” she says.

“We will support pensioners’ rights, we will demand action against indiscriminate treatment of the expatriate community. But we will report both sides of the argument,” Michel stresses.

Although the EWN’s previous distribution made it the largest English-language newspaper in Spain, there were still many expatriates who could not get hold of it.

George Walker, a retired teacher living in Estepona, said: “We like the Euro Weekly for several reasons; its articles are from an expatriate perspective as opposed to a Spanish one, and you can actually get hold of it! The other free English papers are either impossible to get hold of or just translations of their Spanish versions with subjects that affect Spanish people instead of the expatriate. The Euro Weekly achieves both objectives. I think the increase in distribution sends out a fantastic message to us all.”

The maths is simple; on the Costa Blanca alone there are in excess of 400,000 foreigners registered, of which 120,000 are British. When you bear in mind that there are not only hundreds of thousands of tourists that grace the Costas each year, and estimates that indicate there are thousands of unregistered Britons, a measly distribution of a few thousand copies does little to service the expatriate community.

Michel adds: “In the present economic climate, our advertisers need our help.”

Potential customers need to know they are out there but their marketing budgets have become restricted and this is where we enter the picture with effective and affordable marketing strategies.

“We are not like others – diversifying because times are getting tougher – we are strengthening our foothold. We are concentrating purely on what we do best – giving our readers what they want, thus achieving results for the advertisers.”


Business owners need just one printed medium. The biggest and the best – the Euro Weekly News.

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