Well as another day draws to a close in The Euesden household I take my coffee and four beautiful furry friends outside to enjoy a well deserved break on the terrace.

Expecting at this time of the year to see a stunning  sunset with a gentle breeze wafting around my not so bronzed barefeet, I am suddenly transported back to a dark  dreary March night in Rochdale – it’s freezing out there!

The wind is howling – the mist has covered the mountain tops and it is raining cats and dogs – sorry furry friends.

What has happened to the rain in Spain only falling on the plain? I live on the Costa Del Sol for goodness’ sake – the clue is in the title. But we are SIN sol and have been now, save for a few dry days, since the 15th of December.

Mr E. and I arrived here in sunny climes back in 1996 and we have never seen weather like it. So I have decided that we all need to get together and do a joint SUN DANCE – it will probably not work however it may just start to get us warm and let’s face it, with the price of electricity at the moment…

No  – No –  do not get me started on this or otherwise we will be here all night. This blog is dedicated to a young man by the name of Alan Prosser over in sunny Mallorca. Lovely speaking to you tonight Alan – glad you appreciate a good Rochdale lass when you meet one.

Well back out to brave the elements – see you tomorrow – Mx