Michel and Steven Euesden are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between Euro Weekly News and SpectrumFM. We arrived on the Costa del Sol in 1996 with our young son in tow, full of hope and ambition. Over the past years we have succeeded in establishing and growing the Euro Weekly News into a must-read for expats in Spain every Thursday.

We offer a readership – over six editions – right the way through from Sotogrande to Valencia and the Balearics. Over the years we have seen many good radio stations dotted along the Spanish coast, but most of them were localised. Although we have always liked SpectrumFm, it only used to go as far as Nerja.

In 2009 it started broadcasting in Almeria with Richard Shanley. Since it started there we have established a close working relationship with him. However, we have never before accepted forming a partnership with a radio station in Spain as the fact they were all localised did not fit in with our own business model.

A forward-thinking, dynamic, successful, businessman, Gary Lewis took over SpectrumFM 12 months ago, and he got it straight away. Gary’s vision for SpectrumFM fits perfectly with the Euesdens’ expansion plan for Euro Weekly News. So he asked us for a tie-up and we agreed.

He said: “wherever you go we will go; wherever that be in Spain.”

He is not held back by shareholders or investment funds. Together, there is no organisation that can offer what we do to our advertisers, listeners and readers in Spain. It’s the numbers; monthly, we have 2m readers, they have 1.3m listeners – so by pooling our resources we can not only cement the leading positions of both brands but can go out to 3.3m people every month.

That just can’t be beaten.

We are in the expat market. We are governed by numbers. The more numbers we get outthere the more successful our customers’ campaigns will be, and the more resources we will be able to reinvest in producing an even better product for our readers and SpectrumFM’s listeners.

Many expats cannot speak Spanish and rely on newspapers and radio to keep them informed of what is happening in this, their adopted homeland. The print is important, and nothing can beat sitting with a drink and enjoy a good read with a newspaper in your hands.

But we must also move with the times, offering news as and when it happens; on the web, on the radio and through e-shots. Doing the joint campaign benefits our advertisers because people are tuning into Spectrum and picking up the Euro Weekly News each week.

Showing people that there really is only one place to advertise on radio and newspaper, SpectrumFM and Euro Weekly News: the strongest on the coasts. Watch this space, there is more to come.

Euro Weekly News / Spectrum FM launch party