Michel and Steven Euesden, owners of the Euro Weekly News, are proud to invite you all to the World Vision Gala Dinner in Marbella’s Puente Romano Hotel.

We think this is a very worthy cause which is why we’re choosing to sponsor the venture – and we’re sure you’ll all agree.

World Vision helps communities with long-term development projects, emergency relief operations and advocacy programs.

The World Vision Gala dinner takes place on May 24 from 8pm at the Puente Romano Hotel with canapés and cocktails at the open-air patio of Salon Andalucia.

Michelin star chef Dani Garcia will be rustling up some tasty treats for the pre-meal drinks while the dinner menu will be prepared by award-winning chef Thomas Stork.

Hotel Puente Romano is proud to supports World Vision Charities and will see to it that your generous donation gets to where it is most needed.

So come along for a beautiful gala dinner, drinks, dancing and live music – all in aid of charity.