From visa and Spanish healthcare questions to Brexit rules, local information and help with buying property in Spain – the Euro Weekly News is the largest and most read expat newspaper in Spain, and it´s clear to see why. But how did Michel and Steven Euesden create ´the people´s paper´ that we know and love?

Arriving in Spain in 1995 with their worldly belongings packed in their Suzuki Vitara, Steven and Michel Euesden have spent the past 23 years building up the Euro Weekly News into what it is today – the largest free press group for British expats in Spain. Coming from humble beginnings in the north of England, Steven and Michel have based the Euro Weekly News on the great sense of being part of a community, much like when they were growing up, which is why they are so determined to give something back to those who desperately need a helping hand.

The EWN has made a name and a solid reputation for itself in Spain by supporting and inspiring individuals, neighbourhoods and communities by providing people with socially conscious, relevant news. The writers at the EWN, whether that be the organic writing team or the news writing team, cover local news in Spain, events, charity dinners and galas, advice on moving to Spain and purchasing or selling a property, information on the best amenities in your area, as well as news from further afield in the UK and internationally, making it the best newspaper for the expat community who now call Spain their home.

With distribution points in the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Alicante, Axarquia and Mallorca, it´s no surprise that the Euro Weekly News has around half a million print readers each week and 1.5 million online readers a month. Not only this, all of the print and online content provided by the EWN always has been and always will be free of charge.

The EWN has won numerous awards over the last 25 years including Best Free Newspaper of the Year (Premios AEEPP), Company of the Year (Costa del Sol Business Awards) and Collaboration with Foreigners honours (Mijas Town Hall), proving its dedication and importance in the British expat community.

With a fresh new website, new distribution points and more articles than ever in print and online – no one comes close the Euro Weekly News.