Most people have something which signifies to them that summer is well and truly here; it could be the lighter nights, the swifts and swallows feverishly hunting for suitable nesting spots. Whatever it is, everyone has something.

Well here at Casa Euesden it is the unveiling of the Harley – yes that’s right – the Queen of Bling is a closet Biker’s Babe.

On Saturday morning the day dawned glorious and Mr E. sprang from the bed (slight exaggeration) leapt downstairs to the garage (no leaping involved really) and woke up the hibernating Harley after her six months Euesden imposed dormant state.

I am not a proper Biker’s Babe you see – I am a fair-weather one really or should that be a hot weather one as I only do it when the temperatures exceed 25 degrees – centigrade that is.

We donned our jeans, sweatshirts and shiny silver helmets and off we sped. Down the road – the sun kissing our heads or should that read melting our brain cells in our very uncomfortable shiny silver helmets –  to meet young Richard Shanley from Almerias very own Spectrum radio station.

Once we had chewed the fat and finalised other niceties and necessities and he had laughed at my helmet head, off we sped to meet another friend who also had fat to chew then niceties and necessities to finalise after choking on her churros at the horror of my helmet head.

So after indulging in so much fat chewing – it was time to return home to rest our jaws from all that mastication of the fat and the side splitting at my helmet head, polish the bike and put our happy Harley back into her very temporary sleeping position.

So there we sat in the afternoon sunshine making plans for the anticipated balmy nights and sun filled weekends that lay ahead riding along on the back of our beloved Harley. As with all plans involving mice and men or in this case Harleys – the weather on the Costa Del Sol has not let us down it is doing what we have come to accept now – it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale.

So Night Night again poor lonely Harley – until we are all back singing “The Sun Has Got Its Hat On – Hip Hip Hip Hooray” – you will just have to continue to indulge in your beauty sleep and us the little Euesden clan will have to think of another sign that summer is here and to stay; because one day on a Harley does not a summer bring.

This blog tonight is dedicated to my poor little Miniature Pomeranian – PERCY MOUSE – being a very new addition to the household it was the first time he had ever heard the mighty roar of the Harley and I swear he is still quaking in his little fur lined paws at the memory of it.

Pobrito Percy.