ON Wednesday, April 22, we were proud to witness a beautiful and romantic event. We attended Michel and Steven’s tenth wedding anniversary, where, in a ceremony which was full of emotion, they renewed their wedding vows and expressed their ever-growing love for each other.

More than 150 of their closest friends and family, including many well-known Costa del Sol VIPs and many clients who have become good friends, were there to share this wonderful occasion with them.

The setting could not have been more magical for this glamorous celebration. Upon arriving at the exclusive Mijas Playa Restaurant – booked in its entirety by Michel and Steven – guests were welcomed by the Mijas Playa’s extremely professional staff.

the euesdens – Michel Euesden and Steven EuesdenAfter a short walk down the red carpet, surrounded by pink flowers and balloons, a glass of pink Champagne, a photograph arranged by famous Costa del Sol celebrity photographer Juan Carlos Teuma, we entered the plush venue that had been transformed into a pink palace especially for the event.

Dazzling in pink

The whole evening was spectacular, with a pink theme throughout, from the pink cocktails and delicious canapés we were served upon arrival, to the pink seven-tiered Renaissance styled wedding cake and Champagne which we enjoyed after a mouthwatering four course meal.

All the guests were wearing ‘something pink’, be it dresses, necklaces, nail varnish and shawls, or ties, shirts and braces, but nothing could compare to Michel’s gorgeous pink wedding gown, which stunned us all as she walked into the room, outshined not so much by her diamond tiara but by the smile of true happiness which was on her face from beginning to end.

Michel’s jewellery was supplied by their good friend Tony of Anthony’s Antiques, as he was unable to mark the occasion with his presence.

Looking equally happy, and very dashing, was Steven, in a smart and elegant suit with pink waistcoat. It was clear to see that this was a very emotional moment for both of them, surrounded by family and friends.

In a time when many relationships are so short-lived, it was inspiring to see how these two people, who have overcome so many obstacles, continue to be happy together and love each other more with every passing day.

The wedding ceremony was conducted by Reverend Elaine Walker.

Musical arrangements

From the pre-dinner drinks and canapés to the after-dinner disco, there was always some form of live entertainment on to match the mood and create the correct ambience for the occasion.

Producer Steve Shappelle from last year’s massively successful ‘Wow! Factor’ put on a fantastic show with musical arrangements that offered something to suit all tastes and ages ranging from a harpist, choir, male and female vocalists (including Shappelle himself), to our very own Leapy Lee. Leapy did a set that included his 1968 chart hit ‘Little Arrows’. For an event that started at six in the afternoon, there were still guests dancing the night away at midnight.

Long-term friends and family

The party brought together some of the best-known faces of the Costa del Sol and further afield, including many clients who have become their friends.

Others who were there to share the evening with Michel and Steven were: Heidi and Paco from Monroes Carvery in Costa Blanca; Corinne Green from Buyrite; Manuel Garcia from printers AGM who work with EWN to achieve their goals; Tina Merry, one of their first ever clients; their fantastic bank manager Manuel Alvarez Vazquez; Jose Luis Montoya from Almeria; Nick and Helen Samuels; and the first persons they ever met in Spain, Lenny and Gill Abbot.

Other very special people present were: Steve and Ascension Molina, from Travel Shop; Bob and Estelle Mitchell from Bodyworks; David the Dogman; Joe Bayley who was one of their first clients and helped build their offices and home over the years; Lesley Taylor our Staying Trim columnist; Agencies PLC and Bryce Franken; Matthew Harper who always provide an excellent removals service; the one and only Maurice Boland from Talk Radio Europe; Nicky Cashin and Francisco Barrionuevo from Afimar; Peter Woodall from Woodall and Casanova; their friend and lawyer Salvador Echevarria; B2B CostaNetworking’s Dave Edwards and Sue McClellan; and their very good friends from the start, Tony and Susan Jordan.

As Michel says: “And many, many more people, too many to list; all of whom have filled our lives with kindness.”

In a symbolic act of friendship, each guest was given a pink candle, and each lit the candle of the person sitting next to them until all the room was glowing in candlelight. In unison all the candles were blown out in the direction of the happy couple as a sign of their blessing.


Michel and Steven, requested that no gifts be given, and instead, very generously, asked for guests to make a donation to local charity, CUDECA, to help raised much needed funds for the Cancer Care Hospice in Benalmadena. An amazing sum of 1,500 euros was donated by guests on the night and many donations were also received prior to the event, which Steven and Michel made up to an incredible 2,000 euros in total, which was presented to representatives of the charity, as Joan Hunt, OBE, the founder of CUDECA, had undergone surgery and was unable to attend. Michel and Steven would like to extend their ‘get well’ wishes to the remarkable Joan Hunt.

Expression of gratitude

Michel says that April 22 was not only to celebrate hers and Steven’s 13 years together but was an expression of their gratitude to give thanks for all the kindness bestowed upon them by everyone in the room over the time they have been in Spain.

“We have been blessed by knowing such truly wonderful people,” Michel adds.