Letter from EWN printers Artes Graficas del Mediterraneo, SL

We would like to extend our congratulations to EWN Media Group for extending their total weekly circulation to a staggering 103,000 copies. EWN is most definitely the largest English language newspaper we print, and this increase is especially impressive given the tough economic climate that is unfortunately causing many companies to shrink rather than expand.

In our opinion this reflects the commitment by these publishers to servicing their readership, and their determination to rise above downward trends. We have enjoyed a great professional relationship with EWN and are confident that we will continue to do so for the years ahead.

It is in times of difficulty that you can truly determine the commitment and durability of a company. The EWN Media Group has certainly shown that when the dust settles, they will be on top of the pile of economic survivors.

Once again, we congratulate you on your expansion, it certainly sends out a positive message to all; one that is truly deserved.

Manuel Garcia Gimenez,
General Manager