On Saturday, February 6, more than 200 members of the Mojacar business community attended the official launch of ACEM, the Mojacar business association at the Hotel El Puntazo. In attendance were a good mixture of foreign as well as Spanish businessmen and women.

A 35-minute presentation was delivered in Spanish and English by ACEM President Karin Schröter, with the help of Keith Sellers, which explained the principal aims of ACEM, i.e. to promote Mojacar and the surrounding areas, nationally and internationally, as the fabulous destination it is for both seasonal and residential tourism. Karin explained: “Mojacar is facing one of its biggest challenges, all businesses need to work together to be proactive in Mojacar.”

Karin also explained how ACEM has managed to secure the full support and co-operation of the media, including Spectrum FM Mojacar, Sun Talk’s Jon Gaunt and the Euro Weekly News.

Among those present were Mojacar Mayor Rosa Maria Cano, and Councillor Albert Schröter. There was also a raffle and auction of several items donated by local businesses including the Euro Weekly News, published by Michel and Steven Euesden, and Roadshow EU, among others, which raised 3,200 euros for the association.

The inauguration dinner and dance proved that this association is much-needed and that everyone in the room shared the same collective objective: it is time to make it happen and put Mojacar back on the map.

ACEM, although in its infancy as an active association, will now have to find a way of effectively listening to its strategy going forward to best represent the best interests of Mojacar.

The only way to make a difference is to take the step forward and be part of the solution.

One person told EWN: “Changes can only be made from within. People have to join if they want to have a say in how things go moving forward.”

ACEM website: www.esmojacar.com
ACEM competition website: www.mojacarlife.com

This story originally appeared in Euro Weekly News – your favourite English newspaper in Spain.