LAST week, The Euro Weekly News was pleased to receive a visit from Dario Poli, the composer of ‘Marbella, Marbella’, a song which is meeting with great success both in Spain and abroad. Dario was accompanied by world-famous jazz musician Louis Fiers, who has recently joined the campaign to restore Marbella and the Costa del Sol to their former glory by giving the song his unique jazz touch. The motive of Dario’s visit was none other than to thank The Euro Weekly News for our support of his campaign. Since we first heard about his fight to give the Costa del Sol back its excellent reputation, we realised that his goals were the same as ours, to promote the Costa del Sol and all the positive qualities it has, above and beyond any problems the area may have suffered in recent years. We believe Dario and everyone he has collaborated with on this project are doing a great job, and we encourage them to keep up the good work. Dario said. “The Euro Weekly News has been the local newspaper which has given us most support since they heard about ‘Marbella, Marbella’, having run several items to promote the campaign, and we are all very grateful for this.” Dario and Louis met members from all the different teams at The Euro Weekly News head offices, as well as having a chat with the managing directors. Dario thanked us for all we have done putting his articles together, and he gave an especially big thank you to the designers for always making him look so dashing and handsome!