THURSDAY the 30 of September in the year of our lord 2010 will be remembered as the day Javea dusted off its secular cobwebs and stepped bravely into the sunlight of the 21st Century.

At approximately 9.45pm, the Javea Council voted unanimously to adopt the EU Charter of Human Rights, giving all citizens of the borough equal opportunities regardless of sex, race, colour, creed or language.

This decision followed closely in the footsteps of Benissa Council who through the persistence of Councillor Lisa Svoboda, were the first to recognise that equality for all is the only way forward within the Costa’s multicultural society.

Also quick off the mark was Javea Councillor Oscar Anton, who after detailed discussions with Lisa Svoboda – exclusively recorded in the Euro Weekly News – placed the EU Charter proposals firmly at the feet of his council colleagues, calling for non political, all party support for the Charter to bring Javea in line with the EU and Strasbourg court of human rights.

Initially, the proposals were rejected out of hand by the PSOE as being superfluous to the existing protection Valencian law and the Spanish Constitution grants its citizens. When Snr Anton pointed out that the EU is in possession of thousands of complaints against Valencian law that seemingly legalises land grab without discussion or compensation, the PSOE reply was that the adoption of new non Spanish legislation, would be seen as an admission of guilt and a climb down from the high principles of Valencian law.

This objection was surprisingly supported by the NUJ, who during the 2007 elections, were heavily backed by the expat community. Javea Mayor Monfort eventually voiced his support for the motion, which was subsequently adopted by all parties.

In a later interview, Oscar Anton told the Euro Weekly News, published by Michel and Steven Euesden, that he was delighted with the result which was a triumph of common sense, but warned that, “The EU Charter is not a magic wand that will make the dark ages of land grab and other incomprehensible acts against society simply disappear. But it will give the ordinary citizen the right to challenge any questionable decision made against them or their property, and in doing so, create a comfort time zone for meaningful discussion between all parties under European law.”

Councillor Anton, who will be officially launching his new opposition party, Xabia Democratica on November 6, is one of the new, up and coming younger politicians often quoted as being from a similar mould to the Cameron’s, Clegg’s and Miliband’s of the UK political scene.

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