COSTA DEL SOL dog legend, David the Dogman has retired after 50 years of pioneering work in the dog training industry. David, originally from Nottingham, is an acknowledged leading behaviourist and people canine educator. He is an Honorary Life Member of the British Police Services Canine Association, and is currently the Administrator for the British Police Services Canine Association Forum. “Dogs have always been my life,” confesses David. With the support of his devoted wife, Susan, he has worked in Marbella for the past 22 years, helping owners learn about their beloved pets. David started his career in Israel in 1953, with the Israeli Border Police K9 Section. He has been involved in all forms of dog training, including air-sea rescue, air scent work, and drug and explosives detection. When he returned to England, he joined the family business. The name ‘dogman’ comes from the police as they always say: “Get the dogman,” reveals David. “That’s how the name developed.” At 48, he retired to Spain to dedicate his full attention to the second love of his life, dogs. The Dogman used all his experience and invented the silent dog training system that centres on what he calls ‘silent socialisation’. His unique style carries an effective, time-tested approach. “It takes ten minutes to have any dog under my complete control, and this includes showing its owner how to handle it. After five minutes with a dog, I let it off the lead and that’s when dogs can become dogs without human interference. The system I invented 22 years ago has since been used in USA and Canada,” he reveals. David emphasises that the biggest difference between his style and those used by others is his passive approach. “Too many trainers use aggressive training methods that are out of date. I delve into the psychological side of training. We don’t stop dogs doing something; we find out the reason, then find the cause and correct this passively.” David was on Onda Cero Radio and Gibraltar GBC for many years, appeared on many TV shows, and writes for publications around the world. David explains: “Due to my health. I am not fit to continue the lessons anymore. At my age I feel I have done enough: 50 years with dogs.” David says he will continue writing for newspapers and magazines worldwide. “The last book I wrote in 1999 became the second best-selling dog book in Britain, and I also write for many newspapers around the world,” he says. David has handed over his dog school to Vivian Eales, who has worked for him for ten years, and Diana Smart, ‘the puppy lady.’ David is grateful for the support he has received from others, especially his loving wife Susan: “I could not have done all this without my wife Susan supporting me over the years. We have been married 49 years and we always do everything together.” He gives a special mention to EWN Media publishers Michel and Steven Euesden: “I wish to thank Michel and Steven for their support they, and others at The Euro Weekly News, have given me over the years. I consider them as friends and it is rare to find friends like Michel and Steven. I have one word for Michel: Boss. She always called me ‘The Boss’.” For info on David the Dogman’s training school contact Vivian on 952 923 551 or 606 611 540.