The 32-inch plasma TV was donated by Michel and Steven Euesden

ON May 2, EWN directors Michel and Steven Euesden donated a 32-inch plasma TV in a charity event organised by Bunny Lane. But by the end of the deadline to claim it nobody had come forward, we decided to raffle the TV again, also in aid of Cudeca, on Friday, July 3, at 9pm at The Blue Moon Pub on Bonanza Square in Benalmadena Costa.

There was also an unclaimed DVD player, sponsored by Buzz magazine that was also re-raffled on the night. On July 3 the Euesdens were unable to attend so they sent their faithful office manager, Sheila Townend, to draw the winning tickets. The plasma TV was won by Bob and Beryl Allsop with ticket number 188 (serial 817612) that they bought in Skivers Rest Bar (Benalmadena) and the DVD player went to number 354 (serial 472877). An extra 377 euros was raised in this re-raffle. The EWN’s Sheila Townend handed the money to Helen McDonald from Cudeca.