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The BUtterfly Ball in aid of The Rhys Daniels Trust

The Euesdens Attend Butterfly Ball 2013 in aid of Rhys Daniels Trust

Michel and Steven Euesden and the Euro Weekly News are heavily involved with charities throughout Spain. Their only requirement is complete transparency regarding the funds raised. They are aware that this money comes from people residing on Spain’s coasts, an area significantly affected by the current economic crisis. It is therefore doubly important that their generosity is put to good use for the sole benefit of the charity and never abused by excessive expense claims. This naturally holds good for…

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Personally Speaking

WE in the Euesden household are proud to announce a new addition to the family – young Doris who is a three-month-old Bichon Frise and what a delightful creature she is! As regular readers of the Personally Speaking column know, my best four-legged friend Minnie Me passed away in tragic circumstances over the Christmas period and having never lost a pet before, I did not fully understand the pain and grief her untimely departure would cause. Waves of sadness would…

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