IT has just been confirmed that British X Factor star Rowetta will be appearing as a judge at the final of Benidorm Has Talent on November 29 at the Benidorm Palace. She is flying out especially for the event and was motivated by the fact that it is in aid of cancer charity like AECC.

Rowetta Satchell, simply known as Rowetta is best known for her appearance in the first series of The X Factor in the UK. From her humble beginnings in Manchester, where she lived with her mother and stepfather after her father left when she was three years old, Rowetta has now made it to the top but the road has not been easy. Rowetta had always like singing but was thrown off the school choir because her voice was considered unsuitable. However, she won a talent competition at the age of ten and after she completed her secondary education, she went on to work as a professional club singer, and as a backing singer on numerous albums, including Simply Red’s Star and several Inner City songs. At 16, she met Noel Satchell and within two weeks, she had moved in with him. She married at age 18, but it was revealed while she was on The X Factor, that she had been a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of the former drug dealer who claimed in an interview with The Sun, that he had beaten her with electric cords and hammers, and tried to strangle her.

Hard times

She tried to kill herself with an overdose, but was found and had her stomach pumped. When the abuse was revealed, she claims to have been very ashamed because she didn’t want people to think she was weak, and this just made an existent drinking-problem worse. In 1987, aged 21, she fled the marriage with the couple’s two children to hide in a refuge home, and later divorced. That same year, she released two singles with the Vanilla Sound Corp. and recorded two songs. Rowetta is also the voice on the renowned 1989 track “Reach Out” with Sweet Mercy.

In 1990 she joined The Happy Mondays as a backing singer and featured on their single “Step On” which reached number five in the charts. This was followed by two albums, and three world tours, but after several splits the band finally called it a day in 2000. She was in a relationship with band mate Shaun Ryder, who also physically abused her. Rowetta played herself in the Michael Winterbottom film ‘24 Hour Party People’, which focused on the band’s years of pop glory.

X Factor

In 2004 when she auditioned for The X Factor she impressed the judges with her rendition of Lady Marmalade, and was placed in the over-25 category, mentored by Simon Cowell. Her soulful, powerful voice proved a hit with audiences, although there was some criticism as she was an established singer competing against amateurs.


In 2009, Rowetta told The Sun that alcoholism had affected her chances of winning competition, and that she had been drunk at many performances, something she was often told off about. She was voted out in week eight, but in 2005 she released an album which sold more than 10,000 copies. DESTACAR ESTE “Rowetta has become a spokesperson for domestic violence, and appeared in several shows and charity events before taking part in reality show Rehab on Living TV.” HASTA AQUI

Before she embarked on the show, talked into it by friend Peter Hook, she was convinced she was going to die of liver disease and didn’t think she would ever be able to stop drinking. Part of this problem was because she wanted people to see her as a strong person. Since rehab she has been on a regime, and claims to have only slipped up once but says she is fortunate to have friends she can discuss the problem before doing anything she might regret. The programme also brought her closer to her family – including daughter Georgina and son Derek.

Not only will it be a great honour to have Rowetta as a judge at Benidorm Has Talent; but to count with the support of a person who truly embodies what such an event is really about. She is living proof that anyone with a dream and determination can succeed in life, and will serve as inspiration for the many performers at Benidorm Has Talent.

The other judges include Euro Weekly’s very own Michel and Steven Euesden.


The original story appeared in Euro Weekly News – your favourite English newspaper in Spain.