THE B2B Costanetworking, meeting which took place last Wednesday, March 4, at the Hotel Lorcrimar in Marbella, was once again a great success with some thirty businesspeople attending.

Business member Campbell Ferguson, of ‘Survey Spain’, gave an informative, interesting talk on the current state of play in the property market. Campbell says now would be a good time to invest, as deals are still available through the banks, but also warned that, when the market plateaus, property owners may decide to hold on and not sell until the market rises again.

The meeting also saw the end of the B2B partnership between Euro Weekly News owners, Michel and Steven Euesden, and Dave Edwards and Sue McClellan,

Michel and Steven are so busy with their existing business and pursuing other business ventures that it was decided Sue and Dave would show their commitment to the B2B Networking organisation and its members by investing fully into the B2B business. Michel and Steven, who have been very supportive of B2B, will remain honorary members and are looking at sponsoring some of the meetings over the next year.

Sue and Dave would like to thank Michel and Steven for all their past help and continued support. “A lot of hard work happens behind the scenes of B2B,” says Dave, “but I have not for a long time seen two people work so hard and so long at their business as Michel and Steven. Board meetings usually took place at 10pm or sometimes later. Sue and I will always support the Euro Weekly News and we wish Michel and Steven all the very best with their future business ventures.”

The next B2B Meeting will be held on March 18 at the Tamisa Golf Hotel, interested businesses should contact Sue McClellan on 652 153 608 or email