We make no apologies. Find out why

NOBODY would call our newspaper modest. Nor would they describe us as understated.

Here at the Euro Weekly News we pride ourselves on being ‘in your face’. Just like the British brand Ronseal’s advertising campaign, ‘we do what we say on the tin’. We have the most readers, the largest distribution, the best articles, the sharpest designers and the biggest, most loyal, client base.

We are finding that in these tough times, smart business owners have realised that they cannot afford to keep their company out of the limelight; that they, too, need to be in people’s faces. And what better platform to use for this than the Euro Weekly News? Well, all you have to do is look at our front page this week, and the number of businesses that have decided they want to be on the front of the paper and at the forefront of their potential customers’ minds.

EWN Sales Director Steven Euesden says the proof is in the pudding: “We do not say we are number one, our front page does.

“Never before, even in the boom times, have we had so many advertisers wanting to advertise. Why? Because they need to and because they know that we are the one marketing format that works.”

When trading is easy, everybody can afford to self-indulge in the greatness of their brand or product. Every idea seems to work. Every policy decision appears spot on. When times are tough, however, one needs results. “You cannot afford to advertise somewhere just for prestige or simply for name awareness or because in the past it appeared to be the best. Everyone needs results,” explains Steven.

Where free newspapers differ here in Spain from those ‘back home’ is that there is no English Yellow Pages here; there is no Directory Enquiries that can find you a plumber in your area. Steven continues to explain that adverts provide the same (if not a more important) service to the expatriate community than the news articles, weekly columns and TV pages do.

“We make no apologies for the front page as we have always said our place is to help the expat businesses and we feel that we are doing this,” he says. The cost-benefit ratio is more relevant than ever before. Business owners, managers, service providers and retailers need to be confident they will get a return from their advertising expenditure, and this is where Steven Euesden has pitched his advertising sales’ packages.

“We are offering affordable marketing campaigns to the people who want to survive these turbulent times and who wish to be here when the cycle moves forward,” says Steven. “People cannot afford to be left behind.”

For advertising enquiries, contact EWN Media Group Sales Director Steven Euesden on 600 583 578 or steven@euroweeklynews.com